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Cellular Pathology consultants publish case report

July 1, 2022

Melanie Jensen, Patrizia Viola, Clara Limbaeck-Stanic, consultants in
Cellular Pathology, have had a case report published in ‘Cytopathology’.

Cerebrospinal fluid cytology findings in a case of diffuse
leptomeningeal glioneuronal tumour (DLGNT). The case report
describes the cytological features of a rare tumour: diffuse leptomeningeal
glioneuronal tumour. This case highlights the value of cerebrospinal fluid
analysis when this type of tumour is suspected, both for aiding the preliminary
morphological diagnosis and for enabling potential molecular testing.
Click here to read the case report

The patient’s family has started an initiative to help raise awareness of DLGNT,
The website explains the project in more detail. The case report
has been shared via the website, disseminating our work to the DLGNT