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Results Line and Enquiries

0203 313 5353

Research & Innovation

We have been successful at exploiting new ideas and raising the necessary research funding. We have an excellent publication record, for example identifying unusual infections or demonstrating novel scientific pathways. We pride ourself on high academic standards and having an impact in the real world.

Our research has a number of goals:

  • establishing new diagnostics using pathology data to establish new pathological mechanisms
  • exploring new drugs and assessing their clinical impact
  • detecting and quantifying side effects from new drugs
  • integrating novel measurement techniques and new scientific concepts into everyday pathology for patient benefit

As well as conducting our own research we are also heavily involved in supporting Imperial College London research.

Our Education and Research Board

We have an education and research board which meets on a quarterly basis. Its remit is to maximise NWLP effectiveness by both identifying new approaches and monitoring and improving existing practice.

Research Co-ordination Grants

In 2020 we introduced research co-ordination grants to allow start up research and encourage active consideration of research opportunities within NWLP. These grants provide an exclusive opportunity for any staff in NWLP to apply for research funding for an exciting research study or research capacity building. There were five awards available, one for each NWLP subdivision, with an additional award for the overall best runner-up applicant.

We are renewing this research funding programme during 2021 to help NWLP accelerate exciting and thought provoking ideas as well as providing seed funding to allow applications for larger external grants.

Further Information

Any queries/requests on research can be sent to: [email protected]