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Hillingdon – Changes to Microbiology

November 28, 2019

From Monday 17 December there will be a number of changes taking place to microbiology laboratory services at Hillingdon Hospital. This is the first phase of our modernisation programme which will create a hub and spoke model for Pathology with the aim of improving quality and ensuring a more efficient and integrated service. From Monday 17 December microbiology samples will be processed at our hub site based at Charing Cross Hospital. 

There are NO changes in how you request tests or view test results, clinical advice contact numbers or out of hours/oncall contact details. You should continue to send routine samples to Hillingdon specimen reception.

Click here for an overview of the changes.

There are changes to:

1.   Sample collection times
      Monday to Friday: 8.30am, 10.30am, 2pm, 4.30pm, 6.30pm
      Saturday & Sunday: 9am, 2pm

      Please ensure your sample is in the lab an hour  before the sample collection time as all samples need to
be processed before being sent onto the hub laboratory.

2.   Referral tests will be processed at the hub laboratory
      Click here for a list of the referral tests

3.   Tetanus Antibodies and Pneumococcal Antibodies
      These tests will be performed at the Charing Cross Infection and Immunity lab and have a change of
reference range.
      Click here for information about changes in reference ranges.

4.   TB related tests – collection information
      Click here for collection information for TB Elispot and Quantiferon tests  

Please note:

Vancomycin Level Samples – Vancomycin levels will be performed on the Hillingdon site during routine hours ONLY Monday to Saturday 09.00am till 17.00. Outside of these times Vancomycin level samples will be sent to the hub site at Charing Cross from 17.00 onwards till 09.00 (Monday to Saturday) and ALL day/night on Sunday.

Further engagement 
For a number of tests (CMV PCR, EBV PCR, HBV PCR, EBV CMV Adenovirus serology, Adenovirus PCR, HIV resistance assay) we would like to ensure we engage with staff and clinicians at Hillingdon before any changes are made. If you would like further information about this please contact: Angela Jean-Francois, Divisional Manager Infection & Immunity [email protected]

If you are a member of staff at Hillingdon Hospital and you have any further enquiries about any of the above information please contact:

Nazia Hussain
Pathology Services Manager – Hillingdon
[email protected]