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Results Line and Enquiries

0203 313 5353

Support Services

In addition to the scientific and clinical workforce we have a number of key support services which are an integral part of the organisation.

Pathology IT team: we have a large IT team with highly skilled and experienced IT staff. They provide IT support and management for business as usual pathology related IT issues as well as specific IT projects. They work across the organisation to ensure our clinical teams have effective IT solutions and resolution for any IT related issues.

HR team: we have a small HR team who work in a highly collaborative manner working in partnership with senior managers to diagnose people requirements and help build solutions and programmes of work to meet our local and organisational priorities.

Quality and Governance Team: working alongside laboratory teams they provide a quality service to those using pathology. They maintain and develop the NWLP quality management system and ensure it is implemented within each department. The quality team monitor the laboratory’s performance against the requirements of the quality management system and both international and national standards and regulations. In addition they develop and manage quality improvement action plans and coordinate responses to incidents and complaints to ensure the requirements of users continue to be met.

Communications team: we have a small communications team. They ensure that our staff, hospital trust staff, GPs and other external stakeholders are kept up to date and informed about developments within the organisation, our achievements and our strategic priorities.

Finance team: our finance team provide key financial management support providing clinicians and managers with high quality financial management information and insight enabling teams to deliver value for money and achieve challenging financial targets. This includes providing expert financial advice, budget management support, and playing a pivotal role in supporting the delivery of NWLP’s financial plan and Cost Improvement Programme. They also lead on the financial and economic appraisal of complex and high value business cases and advise and implement our financial strategy and policy.

Our Business Intellligence team is also part of the finance team.

Performance improvement and project management office: members of this team support our operational teams to deliver better value and greater efficiency by identifying better ways of working and eliminating unnecessary complexity within our business processes. They also lead on the delivery of change, transformation and optimisation programmes using innovative approaches to ensure successful delivery and implementation.

The call centre and consumables team: the consumables team are responsible for ensuring our GP community are provided with pathology related items such as blood tubes, needles and containers. The call centre team respond to calls and enquiries from our enquiries line.

Secretaries, business support officers and executive assistants: we have a number of staff who support teams and managers across the organisation with administrative and business support requirements.