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Category Biochemistry
Test background

Impaired metabolism of proteins secondary to a urea-cycle defect (inborn error of metabolism), severe liver disease, a reduction in vascular perfusion of the liver, renal failure and Reye's syndrome all cause the accumulation of toxic levels of ammonia in the blood.

Clinical Indications

Irritability, tiredness, seizures, respiratory failure, difficulty in breathing and vomiting in neonates/infants Presentation of hepatic encephalopathy-type symptoms

Reference range
0-50 μmol/L Neonates: 0-100 μmol/L
Premature neonates: 0-150 μmol/L
Sample & container required Lithium Heparin (green top) on ice rush to laboratory
Sample volume 0.5 mL
Turnaround time Within 4 hours