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Cardiac muscle antibodies

Category Immunology
Test background

Cardiac muscle antibodies are found in around 50% of patients with post-myocardial infarction (Dressler) pericarditis. Dressler syndrome occurs in 1-4% of patients 2-4 weeks after acute myocardial infarction. These antibodies are also seen in a high proportion (70%) of patients with post-cardiotomy syndrome and variably in coronary artery disease and patients recovering from rheumatic fever (Caforio, ALP et al. Chapter 2 Organ-Specific Autoimmunity Involvement in Cardiovascular Disease. Handbook of Systemic Autoimmune Diseases, Volume 14, 2017, Pages 31-62,).

Clinical Indications

Post myocardial infarction, Dressler’s syndrome

Reference range


Sample & container required Serum (rust top RST tube)
Sample volume 5-10 mL blood (1 mL serum)
Turnaround time 28 days

Not currently performed in house; this test is performed by indirect immunofluorescence at the Protein Reference Unit (PRU), Sheffield.