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Creatinine (blood)

Category Biochemistry
Test background

Electrolytes are usually measured as part of a renal profile, which measures sodium, potassium, creatinine and urea. Creatinine is almost completely filtered by the kidneys and increasing serum concentrations correspond with a worsening of the glomerular filtration rate as a function of encroaching kidney failure.

Clinical Indications

Suspected renal failure (acute/chronic)
Monitoring of patients receiving intravenous fluids
Monitoring of established chronic kidney disease

Reference range


Adult male 60-125 μmol/L
Adult female 55-110 μmol/L
Less than 7 days 30-100 μmol/L
7-21 days 30-80 μmol/L
21 days-2 years 20-60 μmol/L
2-5 years 20-70 μmol/L
5-10 years 30-80 μmol/L
10-16 years 40-100 μmol/L
Sample & container required SST (gold top)
Sample volume 0.5 mL
Turnaround time 1 day