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Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin genotyping

Category Haematology Haematology >> Specialised Coagulation Services
Test background

The Factor V Leiden and Prothrombin variants cause hypercoagulability disorders. The blood develops a tendency to form abnormal blood clots that can block blood vessels. Patients with Factor V Leiden and/or prothrombin thrombophilia have a higher than average risk of developing DVT. The probability of developing a clot in a blood vessel depends on whether the patient inherits one or two copies of the Factor V Leiden or prothrombin and there combination.

Clinical Indications

A significant proportion of patients who present with DVT or pulmonary embolisms may have a Factor V Leiden or prothrombin gene variants. It would be prudent to eliminate them as being the cause for any thrombotic event in any Caucasian patient below the age of 45, or in any person with a family history of venous thrombosis.

Sample & container required EDTA (lavender top)
Sample volume >1ml Please note, if the blood counts are abnormal (high or low white cell count), the volumes of blood should be adjusted accordingly.
Turnaround time 14 calendar days