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Glucose (CSF)

Category Biochemistry
Test background

Decreased CSF glucose corresponds to impaired function of the choroid epithelium, as well as consumption by bacterial pathogens and leukocytes. Altered CSF glucose may reflect the sequelae of disease rather than the specific pathology (microbial invasion), and may also be seen in numerous other disease states, such as meningeal neoplasia, chemical meningitis and subarachnoid haemorrhage.

Clinical Indications

CSF glucose concentrations <50-66 % of serum values are suggestive of bacterial meningitis.

Reference range

Greater than 4 weeks 1.8-4.7 mmol/L
Less than 4 weeks 1.5-4.7 mmol/L

Sample & container required CSF in fluoride oxalate (grey top); Useful to send paired fluoride oxalate plasma sample (grey top)
Sample volume 0.5 mL
Turnaround time 1 day