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HLA virtual crossmatch

Category Immunology >> Histocompatibility and Immunogenetics
Test background

This is a test to assess initial compatibility between a kidney transplant recipient and their potential donor. Testing includes HLA typing of recipient and potential donor as well as HLA antibody screening of recipient serum.

Clinical Indications

HLA typing of the recipient and their potential donor identifies mismatched HLA antigens and provides an HLA matching grade. HLA antibody screening detects the presence or absence of donor specific antibodies directed toward the mismatched HLA antigens. The virtual crossmatch predicts the result of a wet crossmatch (see HLA crossmatch (wet crossmatch) test) and allows for an assessment of compatibility to be made.

Following a negative virtual crossmatch result, a wet crossmatch is required (see HLA crossmatch (wet crossmatch). This needs to be performed within two weeks of the intended transplant date to confirm suitability of the donor recipient pair

Reference range

Interpretive report provided indicating the suitability of the potential donor for the intended recipient.

Sample & container required Donor samples: 20 mL EDTA (lavender top) Recipient samples: 20ml EDTA (lavender top) + 10 mL Clotted Sample (red top)
Turnaround time Please consult the laboratory