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Ovarian antibodies

Category Immunology
Test background

Antibodies targeting the steroid producing cells of the adrenal cortex, ovaries and testes are found in around 80% of patients with Addison’s disease and are also seen in Autoimmune Polyendocrine Syndrome (APS) type I (APECED) and APS type II. Around 10% of women with Addison’s disease also have premature ovarian insufficiency.

The antibodies are directed against three p450 cytochrome enzymes; 21α-hydroxylase (P450c21), found in adrenal steroid producing cells but absent from testes leydig cells and ovarian theca interna, 17α-hydroxylase (P450c17) and cholesterol desmolase (P450scc). Positive antibodies against ovary parenchyma are seen in 15-50 % of patients with premature ovarian failure.

This test is performed by indirect immunofluorescence on primate triple block (adrenal/testes/ovary) tissue sections.

Clinical Indications

Suspected premature ovarian failure
Screening for type I and II APS

Reference range


Sample & container required Serum (RST rust top)
Sample volume 5-10 mL blood (1 mL serum)
Turnaround time 14 days