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Our Five Year Strategy

June 1, 2023

Our strategic plan for the next 5 years reflects our ambition to improve and evolve our laboratory diagnostic services in sync with the changing role of diagnostics in healthcare, as well as to support the shift towards a more preventative healthcare model.

Our strategy comes at a seminal moment as the diagnostics sector navigates a turning point in their role to healthcare and significant technological advances have the potential to transform patient care.

Our strategic plan sets out an aspiring vision for our future, and a roadmap to its achievement.
We see the next 5 years as a period of considerable change, opportunity and ultimately advancement in our diagnostic services and their role in supporting healthcare outcomes.

Multiple new innovations with the potential to diagnose serious illnesses earlier and improve outcomes, as well as the significant growth of digital technologies and the potential that artificial intelligence has to offer, have played a significant role in shaping our strategic plan for the next 5 years with innovation and technology being one of our key priorities.

The establishment of the Integrated Care Systems as well as the NWL Acute Collaborative are bringing greater integration and collaboration that will drive population health and healthcare and will improve access to diagnostics. NWLP has a significant role to play in achieving these aims and our strategy is focusing on the way we will work collaboratively by way of existing and new partnerships towards this direction.

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